‘Nil Yalter’ for 49 Nord 6 Est Frac Lorraine, Metz (France)
Editorial Design

On the occasion of the first French retrospective of the work by Nil Yalter (1938, Cairo, Egypt), 49 Nord 6 Est invites to discover over a dozen pieces by this firmly engaged artist of Turkish origin, most of which have never been shown on the national artistic scene. She is a pioneering, spirited, and original artist motivated by social and political convictions. Rooted in conceptual art, her work does not reject either form or materiality and, inits singular approach, eludes the contemporary artistic canons. In collaboration with Gonzalo Sanchez.


Museums, Art & Alzheimer’s, Florence (Italy)

The Marino Marini Museum in Florence, an institution that has for years engaged in facilitating access to art for people with dementia and their carers, proposes an international study day on the theme of museums, art and Alzheimer’s. In collaboration with Gonzalo Sanchez.

Els Vollmuller, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Zo niet dan toch, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

‘Zo niet, dan toch’ is the first festival that takes place entirely in the virtual world. It makes Augmented Reality (AR) and location-based virtual projects visible. Existing art forms can be presented in a new way by the arrival of this virtual stage; where everything seems possible. A platform that is open to everyone, the ticket is free and is actually already in your pocket: the mobile phone. www.zonietdanto.ch

Peking dog for Morad Bouchakour, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Editorial design

This book documents the work of Morad Bouchakour. The Dutch photographer explores Beijing’s old working class neighbourhoods, also known as Hutongs. Peking Dog captures the symbolic status that cars have become, even in the Hutongs, and the mission to protect this status, against the rise of a new status symbol, owning a dog. In collaboration with Noortje Boer.

Zeppa., Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Zeppa is a graphic design studio in central Amsterdam which has a clear and direct signature style. They create designs and illustrations for print and web media, for clients large and small, at home and abroad. I joined their team in May 2014 on a part-time basis, and was in charge of the new visual system.