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‘Zo niet, dan toch’ is the first festival that takes place entirely in the virtual world. It makes Augmented Reality (AR) and location-based virtual projects visible. Existing art forms can be presented in a new way by the arrival of this virtual stage; where everything seems possible. A platform that is open to everyone, the ticket is free and is actually already in your pocket: the mobile phone. www.zonietdanto.ch

“Tipsy de family” is the first neighbourhood soap of Frederik Hendrikbuurt Area (Amsterdam). It's organized by Goed Idee Lien, and financially supported by the city. The stories, the characters, the actors, the set, etc are all inspired by the neighbours themselves. Only production, camera team, one actor and the graphic design for offline communication were hired professionally. Printed in silkscreen. Cover Illustration by Cléa Dieudonné.

During the Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam, Morad Bouchakour presented his new book Beijing Dog. Bouchakour explores Beijing’s old working class neighbourhoods, also known as Hutongs. These neighbourhoods are slowly becoming extinct and are being replaced by brand new sky scrapers and apartment blocks. Beijing Dog captures the symbolic status that cars have become, even in the Hutongs, and the mission to protect this status, against the rise of a new status symbol, owning a dog. As every evening, car owners hopelessly attempt to protect their cars from inevitably being passing dogs’ next toilet. In collaboration with Noortje Boer at Lava.

PINC stands for People, Ideas, Nature, Creativity. These themes are the heartbeat of this unique conference held once a year in the Netherlands. An inspiring cascade of new ideas, great stories, and impressive visual presentations delivered by a superb selection of national and international speakers from every imaginable discipline. PINC is a truly extraordinary event. An opportunity to recharge your personal and business batteries. Lava is in charge of PINCS brand and annual eventstyles, and in 2013 I collaborated with Ruben Pater for some print communication.

This very special edition of the fanzine is inspired by the people and citizens of Spain who are fighting for a system that does not discriminate between the poor and the rich, men and women, families and individuals, nurses and farmers, etc. My artwork speaks about a society in which homeowners have the right to give their houses to the bank if they are unable to pay the mortgage. Right now in Spain thousands of evictions leave unemployed adults and families with nowhere to turn. Theme: Indignados (“The Outraged”). Published in 2012.

For each edition there are normally 4 different covers, 25 of each and I was one of the cover designers for this edition. My cover was inspired by living in front of the supermarket. The handwritten signs change every day offering the daily bargain. The 25 covers are a tribute to the accidental typograph and the supermarket’s manager who has been there for 17 years. It’s a statement of visual associations and that a daily offer can become permanent. Theme: “receta” (recipe). Published in 2011.

Vector letter design for promotional postcards for Antalis, showing the wide variety of their new paper and print techniques. In collaboration with Noortje Boer at Lava.

This identity is for a creative space which not only offers the space itself but also food, happjes, drinks and after all inspiration and support of the owner Elien. It’s a really personal communication between her and every client, so I tried to reflect this idea in the identity. The logo is applied with a stamp, looks unique on every card. The people with a good idea can sign their names themselves on them, and finally to highlight the special character of this identity all the paper is neon which makes it easy to recognize and powerful. For the concept of the flyer and communication I got inspired by the idea of “shout out your ideas”, starting from the initials of the brand “G.I.L” (meaning “shout” in dutch).

DocsBarcelona is an international documentary film festival in Barcelona. Cover Illustration by Cristóbal Schmal

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