Schone Kleren Campagne

Schone Kleren Campagne is a non-profit organisation that fights for better working conditions in the global garment industry. SKC wants – together with the garment industry workers – companies, politicians and consumers to take on their responsibility and therefore, to achieve a clothing industry without exploitation.

Strategy, brand identity and communication assets

A Lab Community Report

A Lab is  a shared workspace in Amsterdam Noord that merges ideas across industries from art, culture, corporate and tech just to name a few. The page shows the outcome of their community report in an engaging way.

Information and web design for online community report


LINQ is a green and unique real estate developer and designs extraordinarily situated homes out of durable materials. The visual concept is inspired in wooden building blocks, all letters of the brand are erected from geometrical shapes. The result is a modular logo that can be adjusted endlessly and altered for different layouts always connecting to how LINQ is finding the right solution for each space.

Strategy, brand identity and communication assets

Ronduit Utrecht

Ronduit Utrecht is a durable and varied housing project next to the embankment of the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal. A contemporary and cosmopolitan design, that revolves around making connections. Connections between the residents who meet one another in the communal courtyard, connections to nature and durability and of course the connection to the city of Utrecht.

Strategy, brand identity, web design and communication assets


The Mandelbrot set is an example of a fractal in mathematics. The starting point for an exhibition of Tiemo Hunger and Kurt Settler.

Visual identity, exhibition design and communication assets